I can recall the  grimace of disapproval I got from my friends back in early 2015, when I quit my banking job and decided to take up measures that will enable me  pursue my Masters degree. “There are millions of people out there with Masters and are Unemployed”, “Don’t waste your Millions of Naira on just paper that doesn’t guarantee you a good job” “Dangote and Adenuga don’t have Masters Degrees”, were the type of feedback and advice my friends gave me. This really sounded bizarre and funny to me because I wonder how people will just vault out of space and think they know the goals you have set for yourself, and what your future plans are.

Truth be told, there are millions of Graduates with Masters and PhDs without jobs in Nigeria and other parts of the world at large, but does that mean Tertiary Education is entirely meaningless and worthless?  Most of us in Nigeria went through the University Cramming, Partying and Buying Handouts believing that the Certificate you got after those four years of your life will automatically give you a well paying job and security (LOL), then when it doesn’t happen, we put down the value of Education and call it worthless. Then when a Graduate decides to further his/her degree, they come up with all forms of utterances and self deprecating lectures to make you give up on your dream…LOL.

I believe life is a school which you keep learning from till the day you leave this earth, and one principle of life that  I  have realised in my twenty-something years on Earth is that,  Success has absolutely nothing to do with SSCE, WAEC, B.SC, MBA, MS and PHD. This is very true because according to Forbes Magazine, 60% of the World’s Most Successful People had only high school education, while some dropped out of high school.  I wonder why someone will want to attribute his/her  Life’s  Success on a Graphic Designed Coloured Paper in the name of Certificate they got by just Cramming…LOL

Success is examining yourself and discovering that activity that your mind, soul and body is in tune with, use it to solve problems and impact positively in peoples’ lives, and work hard towards bettering yourself at it. This will in turn make you a valuable person, with a price tag (INCOME), because human beings let go of Cash only when VALUE IS ADDED TO THEM!  And trust me going to a STANDARD UNIVERSITY with QUALITY TUTORS that convey QUALITY EDUCATION can add value to a sound minded individual that is willing to make sacrifices to succeed in life. Some Individuals even discover their Life’s Purpose from the University; most artistes were in one form of dancing or singing groups while in college, which they developed over time and became successful at it.

From my perspective I believe QUALITY EDUCATION is indeed a fast route to harness an individual’s ability to be valuable in life, because your tutors are knowledgeable in their field of expertise, which they impact on you for a Fee (Tuition), and the student in turn situates these lessons into practise, thereby, imbibing themselves with the principles of success in life.

The Longer route to make yourself a valuable person is actually using life as your teacher. This is the route most low class individuals or school drop outs follow, where they engage in all forms of menial jobs like Hawking in the streets and doing one form of life threatening activities to another. This is not bad at all because the Determined and Go-Getters amongst them make it really big in life (even better than people that got formal education).  So you see, Life is indeed what you make of it, be it through FORMAL EDUCATION OR STREET EDUCATION. There are lots of successful, prominent and uber filthy rich individuals that had either one of these two forms of education, so none is better than the other. What makes the difference is the individual that embarked on the education and not the form of education itself.  So, stop lambasting and censuring formal education because of your inability to find out what you really want from life and put in effort to get it.

My final word on this is Life is indeed a teacher, and either form of education you get can make you successful. If you or your parents can comfortably afford a Good School and you enjoy being mentored, find out the best career that suits you and go to School; attend a University or a Vocation School, although the price you will pay will be many difficult years of study on your own and putting them into practise.  If you cannot afford school hit the streets, try out lots of opportunities and learn from your mistakes, you will learn a great deal from life as your teacher, don’t let the lack of a formal education prevent you from achieving great heights, because either ways, can make you become the next Aliko Dangote or Mike Adenuga depending on the sacrifice you are willing to make in life.

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Photo credit:  Pixabay