I was invited to a business opportunity presentation sometime last year organized by a networking company which I intend doing business with and the video we watched before the presentation really inspired to put together this write up. The video was shot somewhere in the Philippines. It was a staged act in order to convey these  words  “ the way you dress is the way you will be addressed”  some of you might say its cliché, but seriously in the world we find ourselves that is occupied by vanity, this statement is indeed very true. Back to my story, the handsome young man disguised himself as a street beggar, wearing a hood, dirty pants and an unkempt hair. He went to a popular pedestrian walk path, where lots of people were waiting on the shuttle  and moving around to meet up with their various activities and fell flat on the ground pretending to have fainted. Immediately it happened, they simply looked at him and  pretended not to see him fall, WHY??? Because he looked like a mad man and nobody wanted to associate with a scrawny lag that might probably transfer a disease to them (LOL!!).

Fast Forward to about 2 hours later, THIS SAME MAN went and had a bath, groomed his hair, wore a nice looking pair of shoes, designer sun glasses and topped it up with a well tailored designer tuxedo and went to THIS SAME walk path where the same people were gathered, he walked with confidence and gusto, then he suddenly tipped off and fell pretending to have fainted. Immediately it happened, all the ladies and few men in the area rushed to help the man, they even carried his head on their laps trying to resuscitate him back to life!!! WHY?? Because he looked all classy, responsible and less of a threat to their eyes. Some of you might have contrary opinions but indeed that’s the world we are in.


Everybody loves to associate with nice, classy, glamorous and rich looking things be it human, properties, cars, etc. So as civilized and educated people, it is paramount we always look our best at all times because trust me everybody wants to do business with a nice looking person. And when I say nice looking person, some of you are going be thinking it has something to do with your physical facial and body features, NO DEAR!! It might shock to know that 70% of a person’s good looks are in what you wear (i.e personal style) and their confidence level. The remaining 30% is usually on the physical appearance. Haven’t you (especially ladies) come across a very stylish and classy not-so-good looking girl, without the kim Kardashian figure, that has so much confidence in herself and still attract so many wonderful people to herself? This should serve as a source of motivation to the unbelievers, and am sure they know 1, 2 or even 10 women in your lives that are a typical example of what I just described. So my dear, trust me the better you look, the more successful you will tend to be.


You really do not have to break the bank to look classy, that is the misconception most people have, it is about finding out your body type, and knowing what suits your body type and dress for success. You can also have style icons in any of the social media platforms whom you admire so much and get inspiration from. With all these said, these are the list of things you should at put a little of your budget in to upgrade your looks;

  1. HAIR: Great Looking hair makes you look rich, especially for us, ladies. Some of you are blessed with natural long great hair which is plus for you to focus on. Whether you are on low cut, natural kinky African hair, relaxed hair, braids and twists, dreadlocks, Brazilian, Peruvian and all kinds of hair available for the Women with African Decent, make sure it is kept nice, neat, stylish and artistically made. Find a nice salon and a good hair stylist that can really give your that style that will soothe your face and your taste. Haven’t you wondered why hair companies make so much money from the sale of the human hair despite all the economic hard times and drawbacks? That is because a great hair make you look great, and women know this fact that is why they purge out thousands of cash in order to acquire great hair.  Seriously, if not nothing else, get your  hair right, it can seriously upgrade you entire appearance.



  1. SKIN: Having a good skin unlike having a great hair doesn’t also have to be expensive. Some of us are born with a porcelain blemish free skin, while others (like me) have acne prone skin. But what I have come to discover is that our skin reacts to what we put in our mouths. If you have acne prone skin, avoid foods that are oily and sugary, resort to more of fruits and vegetables, it could really help because I am a witness. Also, resist using oily skincare products. If you have the money, I will advise you to see a specialist, (Am not talking of skin bleach mixers) a certified dermatologist/ Cosmetologist, they can really help you. But if you don’t have that type of money, am here to tell you that there are people that use the blandest skincare products and still have GORGEOUS SKIN. Just add fruits, vegetables and vitamins into your daily diet and avoid oily foods, processed carbohydrates and sugar; you will find a remarkable difference in your skin, trust me.


  1. CLOTHING: You may be tempted to go out and buy whatever you like, but place an emphasis on your body type, that is what most stylish women do. Find out your body type and dress to kill! And most of you have that conception that it has to be all that expensive to look classy, NO!! It is not true! Fashion is what is in vogue, but style is your ability to harness what is in vogue in order to suit your body type, and trust me you don’t have to wear Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci etc in order to look like a million box. FIND YOUR OWN PERSONAL STYLE and dress with confidence, and step out of the door!



  1. MAKE UP: The misconception most people have believed that ‘cosmetics makes you look artificial and that having a natural look is more desirable’, especially for women (LOL!!) without knowing  they are contradicting themselves is really funny.  Except you are a cave man from the BC era,  every single human being on this planet apply some form of cosmetics, Bathing soap, Deodorant, Perfume, Shaving cream, Hair cream, Shampoo, Body lotion, Foundation, Mascara, Eyepencil, Lipsticks, Concealer etc before leaving their homes. All these are classified as cosmetics in the world of cosmetology; I wonder why people will tend to make beautiful women that use cosmetics to enhance their beauties fill like it is artificial, because if that is the case we all are guilty on this planet! Please ladies, at the very least own a foundation, brow pencil, lipstick, eye liner, eye shadow and mascara and apply MAKE UP whenever you are going to a place where you will meet well groomed people, do not let any misconception about make up stop you from looking you best. Watch Youtube videos and learn how to do simple light make up that will enhance you beauty.


  1. ACCESSORIES: Some of you must have heard the saying that an accessory makes or breaks an outfit, which is indeed true. You must have been in a position where you just slipped in one chunk of accessory and it transformed your whole looks, that is why you should pay attention to this, because even when you wear a boring dress, the right accessories like a Bright Coloured handbags, Chunky jewelleries, Designer Sunglasses or even a nice looking pair of stilettos or flats can transform you from a 4 to a 10. So ladies accessories go a long way, buy nice quality bags, wear good looking shoes that are comfortable, wear rings and nice earrings, bangles etc. It will entirely upgrade your looks.

I believe these are most of key aspects that we can focus on to improve or outward appearance and look appealing to people we come in contact with on a daily basis.  Most importantly, move with confidence and assurance that you look like a badass and trust me, people will begin to see you the way you see yourself. If you have more key points on this topic, feel free to drop your suggestions and comments below. Thank you!